Analysis: Cover It Live Success and Failures

My role in the Cover It Live production was reporter at the Habana Outpost street fair in Fort Greene. It was definitely a one-man band experience. I made sure the night before to set up a preliminary rundown planning out my entire air time of 15 minutes.

I prepared a few info graphics with census data and charts as well as a video and some useful information about the band I planned to shoot and stream live. I also promoted the event via Facebook and Twitter, leading them to a page I had built on my portfolio site with some information on the live stream event. I made sure to also add a page with the live stream on The Local blog and made an announcement promoting the event the day before.

When I arrived, I had to shoot my own stand up. I decided to use the flip cam and extending pod stick to film. I then immediately went to my computer, edited it in Final Cut and exported it to You Tube so that our producers, Channon and Gosia could stream it. As I scoped out the area and checked out which events would be going on, I tweeted and posted on my Facebook wall a promotion for the event.  I only ran into a few problems, the first being that the band was delayed and I was up for streaming. However, I took the problem into my own hands and went around interviewing residents about the area and its changes in the last decade.

Overall I think the project was a success. We received some good feedback from both professors and people friends and family that had watched. Our editor’s organization paid off and all of our hard work definitely made a difference in the overall quality of our project.

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