A computational journalism reading list

A computational journalism reading list. Excellent resource from Jonathan Stray, interactive technology editor at the Associated Press. This covers everything from data journalism to visualization to filtering and recommendation to measuring public knowledge. If you’re set up with an RSS reader, I’d highly recommend subscribing to his blog as well.

About Daniel Bachhuber

Daniel Bachhuber is Digital Media Manager at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and fascinated by structured data, open source projects, and technology's increasing role in the production of journalism. In his free time, Daniel is involved in a few open source projects including Edit Flow, a WordPress plugin to bring more of a news organization's editorial workflow within the content management system. A native Oregonian, Daniel enjoys skiing, climbing, backpacking, travel and long distance running.
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  1. Hi Daniel. Thanks for the mention. One correction: I am not the director of interactive at the AP. That’s my boss, Shazna Nessa. I’m the interactive technology editor, and if you find that title unclear, you’re not alone, but we had to call “person who looks after the technology bits of interactive but is still expected to be a journalist” something.

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