Live Coverage

The first time Laura and I attempted our live coverage project, it did not go well.  Our event wasn’t what we imagined it to be and we were fairly unprepared for the task at hand.

Good thing for second chances.  For our official live coverage project, Laura Ratliff, Sarah Ewald and I covered the ground breaking event of the new Whitney building in the Meat Packing District.  The event really went seamlessly for us. I played the produce role and stayed at school conducting the Cover It Live portion.  I had a good amount of pre-gathered information about the history of the Whitney and the details of the move. Laura took some videos that she uploaded very quickly which I was able to embed into Cover It Live.  Sarah was also an on scene reporter and tweeted everything she saw (both hers and Laura’s twitter feeds were also embedded into the live coverage).

Communication was really the key for this project’s success. Laura and I were constantly texting each other… she would tell me what was going on at the event that I could quickly blog about and also about what videos she was taking and when. I was then able to give readers a sense of what was coming up, as well as fill time with the pre-prepared material as I saw fit.  Sarah and I also communicated and I was able to tell her what I thought she should do next, whether it was tweeting about the events of the day or interviewing people at the event.

Overall, I think our project went very well and I tribute that to excellent communication, great team work and being prepared.

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