Aftermath: Blockparties Live Broadcast

Saturday, May 14, our Interactive II class successfully covered six events throughout the five boroughs! Together, we developed an idea to cover six diverse cultural festivals and block parties that reflected changes to the 2010 census. I covered the 36th Annual Ukrainian Festival held in the East Village and attempted to gather data related to changes in the City’s Ukrainian population.

Video streaming by Ustream
Interview with High School Ukrainian Ball Room Dancers

Our class had a great production team and it helped that we put together all of our skills and worked together to make sure the live coverage went smoothly. Last semester in Interactive Fundamentals we were exposed to several live broadcast tools such as Blog Talk Radio and COVERITLIVE, but we never had a chance to utilize them for a real news event. This time around, it was great using COVERITLIVE in real time because I had a better understanding of it’s capacity.

Additionally, using my phone as the main transmitter of digital information and social media during the broadcast really proved the versatility of a smartphone. I tweeted, emailed pictures, updated Facebook statuses and transmitted live HD video, all from my Droid X smartphone. Incredible!

However, while the broadcast was a success, it did have its hiccups. It would have been great to have a second person on the field so as to fully utilize available technology. For Example, I made a decision to use mostly video to cover my event, but I wish I could have also had the time to take photographs. Overall, the experience allowed me to practice reporting under deadline using an interactive platform.

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