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Pride Parade Live Coverage Wrap-up

I finished my live coverage of the gay pride parade on June 26. It was such an amazing experience as a huge crowd of two million people gathered to celebrate the historic signing of the same sex marriage law in New York. Just two days earlier, the state of New York passed the historic legislation to become the sixth and the most populous state to allow same sex marriage.

My post about the event on Facebook and Tweeter (snapshots below) received positive reactions. In addition to this, I also sent emails to CUNY students and some friends to call for their tuning in. One day earlier I covered with pictures of the Dyke Parade as a warming up to the event (I actually used some pictures from the Dyke parade to illustrate the emotions after the historic legislation). Some still images of the Gay Parade can be seen at the end of this post.

snapshot of Facebook promotion and pictures of the Dyke parade the day earlier

snapshot of Twitter promotion

I put my headline as “Live Covering of NY’s Gay Pride Parade” and it seemed that many searchers caught it up. I had constantly 20-25 people logged in to follow my live feeds and pictures of the event. Some were from far away place like Puerto Rico, Chicago and Boston also followed the feeds and joined the discussion. Some gave me kudos for the work.

Despite all these positive reactions, I must admit that working alone when live reporting such event is a huge challenge when you tried to juggle between taking pictures, downloading it, uploading while keeping the feeds alive. I came early around 10:00 a.m. – two hours before the march – to grab a decent spot and try to talk to people for comments on the new same-sex marriage laws. These interviews and early research on the latest developments after the historic Friday night helped me out a lot during the coverage as I had more time to multi-task during the march. Later on I found the hash of the parade so I also integrated some of the feeds into my Live Reporting. The integration did help for the feeds but in retrospect, I think I’d better filter the Tweets feeds more. My covering also ended a little bit abruptly after around 3 hrs reporting as the battery for my Mac is out. I brought an extra laptop as cover-up but somehow that one didn’t connect to the Hotspot that I brought along (it worked when I tried at home). I told people of my changing the laptop though.

I learn a lot from reporting live with this assignment. I feel more confident doing the live reporting now. If I have more people around, maybe some live streaming will help even more as many people logged in and ask about live video.

Here follows are some still pictures of the parade.

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Live Covering of NY’s Gay Pride Parade

The world’s oldest gay pride parade will be the celebration for LGBTQ community in the city after the historic legalization of same-sex marriage in the state two days ago. Half a million people are expected to join the enormous roving party.

Please tune in around 12:00 p.m. when my live covering of the parade kicks off with pictures and up-to-minute blogging from the Fifth Avenue.

Stay tuned.

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Site Stats and Lessons Learned

So while my numbers are low, I haven’t done a really strong push to drive traffic to my site yet. That said, it seems that putting my website on my email signature has been successful in getting some traffic to my site. The overwhelming majority of traffic to my site has been direct, not referred from Facebook, LinkedIn or my site. I definitely need to work on keeping people on my site because most folks only stay on for two minutes and don’t look at many pages. My instinct is that when I push people to my site to look at specific content rather than just clicking the link because it’s in my email signature, I think I’ll have more page views and longer site visits. I’m looking forward to expanding with new posts while working in South Africa this summer.

It took the entire semester to get my website to a place where it had the functionality I wanted and it’s almost where I want it to be as far as design. I want something simple that highlights my work without being flashy or over the top. I will continue working on it next semester so that I graduate with a fully functional, easily-updateable portfolio site.

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Live Coverage Analysis

For our live coverage project, I reported from a Prospect Heights block party. I arrived early to shoot my stand up which was difficult to do without a tripod, especially shooting with my iPhone. Because of the weather, there were far fewer people in attendance than I expected and good sound was also more difficult than I anticipated. I went with a plan to make a short video about the changing neighborhood and ended up creating just a one minute ambient short to give a feel of the event.

I spent most of my first hour time recruiting people to participate in the five minute live video coverage, taking photos and shooting video. I was a little unclear about when I could start tweeting but quickly cleared that up with Channon. It was challenging to find a quiet space to conduct the live interview and so despite the fact that I found a handful of longtime neighborhood residents (combined they had almost 150 years in Prospect Heights), folks watching couldn’t hear them over the music. In the future, I think that having the image stabilizer and an audio filter for the phone will make outdoor live coverage with music a much more viable option.

Next time I think I would save any maps for post-event coverage. I created an animated gif to show the changes in the neighborhood that didn’t work in Cover It Live. I think focusing on pics, video and audio for live coverage and saving maps or other data for pre or post-event coverage would work better. Overall, I think that our coverage idea was solid and executed pretty well even with the hiccups.

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Tibetans in NYC: Preserving Culture in Diaspora

They may lose their land but they don’t want to lose their culture. For the 6,000 Tibetans currently living in New York, culture preservation is a top priority given their Disapora situation over the last fifty years. Besides regular community gathering, the community organizes a special school in Chinatown at weekend for Tibetan kids to learn the language and other cultural traditions. This photo essay, taken this April and May, illustrates such efforts by Tibetans to carry on their culture in their current plight.

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Grades for Glenn – Mon & Glenn – Thu sections

Folks – I’ve just submitted your grades to the CUNY system. Since I’m traveling tomorrow for several days, I’ll plan on sending my email notes to you next week. These will include summary grades for previous assignments, as well as additional notes and grades for the live event projects.

It’s been a real pleasure working with you; I’ve learned something from each student, and hope you’ve learned something from our time together. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about your grades, either prior to or after you’ve gotten my note.

Meanwhile, have a productive, fun summer, and I’ll look forward to seeing all of you in the fall.

Best wishes, Adam

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Site Stats

So it looks like I still need to reach out more to my audience. There needs to be more traffic to my site. It looks like people like to look at the photos but I need to link them to my page. I think I will also include twitter feeds and will start a travel blog for my site to draw in more viewers. Any ideas?! I have only had 17 people look at my site so it looks like I need to use more social working and maybe having a lot of photos isn’t working. Here is what my chart looks like so far.

These were the top visited pages and they were barely visited so it looks like I have a lot to do this summer!

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Analysis: Cover It Live Success and Failures

My role in the Cover It Live production was reporter at the Habana Outpost street fair in Fort Greene. It was definitely a one-man band experience. I made sure the night before to set up a preliminary rundown planning out my entire air time of 15 minutes.

I prepared a few info graphics with census data and charts as well as a video and some useful information about the band I planned to shoot and stream live. I also promoted the event via Facebook and Twitter, leading them to a page I had built on my portfolio site with some information on the live stream event. I made sure to also add a page with the live stream on The Local blog and made an announcement promoting the event the day before.

When I arrived, I had to shoot my own stand up. I decided to use the flip cam and extending pod stick to film. I then immediately went to my computer, edited it in Final Cut and exported it to You Tube so that our producers, Channon and Gosia could stream it. As I scoped out the area and checked out which events would be going on, I tweeted and posted on my Facebook wall a promotion for the event.  I only ran into a few problems, the first being that the band was delayed and I was up for streaming. However, I took the problem into my own hands and went around interviewing residents about the area and its changes in the last decade.

Overall I think the project was a success. We received some good feedback from both professors and people friends and family that had watched. Our editor’s organization paid off and all of our hard work definitely made a difference in the overall quality of our project.

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Live Coverage

The first time Laura and I attempted our live coverage project, it did not go well.  Our event wasn’t what we imagined it to be and we were fairly unprepared for the task at hand.

Good thing for second chances.  For our official live coverage project, Laura Ratliff, Sarah Ewald and I covered the ground breaking event of the new Whitney building in the Meat Packing District.  The event really went seamlessly for us. I played the produce role and stayed at school conducting the Cover It Live portion.  I had a good amount of pre-gathered information about the history of the Whitney and the details of the move. Laura took some videos that she uploaded very quickly which I was able to embed into Cover It Live.  Sarah was also an on scene reporter and tweeted everything she saw (both hers and Laura’s twitter feeds were also embedded into the live coverage).

Communication was really the key for this project’s success. Laura and I were constantly texting each other… she would tell me what was going on at the event that I could quickly blog about and also about what videos she was taking and when. I was then able to give readers a sense of what was coming up, as well as fill time with the pre-prepared material as I saw fit.  Sarah and I also communicated and I was able to tell her what I thought she should do next, whether it was tweeting about the events of the day or interviewing people at the event.

Overall, I think our project went very well and I tribute that to excellent communication, great team work and being prepared.

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