Dan R. – Portfolio Site Analytics

I’ve had 16 visits to my portfolio site, which is a step up from the 2 that I had last week. It’s not many, but I haven’t done much outreach on my site lately. Unsurprisingly, Facebook works well and is the second biggest source of traffic to my site. On Friday, I posted a story on my Facebook wall with a link and I got six hits and three the next day. Respectively, I also got 18 page views Friday and 4 Saturday.

The average user sees 2.6 pages-per-visit which means they check out a story or two, and leave. It looks like that could improve, though I haven’t advertised my site as “portfolio”  in a while. The average time spent on my site is a minute-and-a-half. (Actually, I’ve had many visitors for over two minutes, but a quick couple of visitors for nine seconds brought my average down.)

Encouragingly, my search analytics show that some people came to my website searching for subjects I’ve written about for other sites, so it looks like I’m getting some SEO love.


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