Debating the NYC Skyline Social Media Follow-Up

For the days leading up to the event both Matt and I posted the event blog post on our facebook pages to promote to friends and family. I don’t have a screen shot of Matt’s page but here is mine from early in the day of the event (5/11):

And we both did later on the day of the event, about an hour before, on Facebook:

And we posted on Twitter using the #NYCSkyline hashtag we created:

Here is Cheryl’s tweets:

I also created a handle for us on Twitter, only to realize it didn’t matter that we had a handle if we had no followers!

Oh well. It was a good exercise in speed since I was creating the account as we were at the event.

We also sent an email to the entire class list. We have followed up with the communications folks that we met at the event to see if they are interested in posting our coverage.

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