Finally, analytics

I’m a little late on posting the analytics to my portfolio blog. There isn’t much to report, but I’ll say a few things.

Over the last month, I’ve only had six hits on my site. Two came through the Interactive 2 site. Oddly, two came through a google search for Norma Diaz, the founder of a youth baseball field in the Dominican Republic, who I met when I was reporting on Dominican baseball from Santo Domingo a few years ago. The wallpaper on my laptop is a photo of an equipment shed with “Norma Diaz” printed on it in big red letters, and I wonder if the search was originated someone who saw my computer screen.

Two hits came after I tweeted a response to an article by a baseball writer named Ben Badler. I rarely tweet, so it was interesting and encouraging* to see that one mildly opinionated sentence would make someone curious about me.

*The question of what kind of interest I want to generate is one I’m still working on. I had started out with the idea that my site would be a place to showcase work, but I have some ambivalence to attracting people to my student work. Not to read too much into two responses to one tweet, but it feels like the thing I might want to use the site as a way to let people readers know more about me by curating some of my better work. Something to think about this summer …

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