Live coverage wrap: Cricket in the city

I did a little bit of everything for our Blog Talk Radio panel on How Cricket Explains New York: promoted the show, took photographs, worried over web functionality and hosted the program. All members of the team contributed to the most important task: booking guests to appear on the show.

I thought our program was pretty fair, especially after it moved from question and answer to open conversation. We settled on a three-part structure where I would interview each of three guests on different aspects of NYC cricket, but in the booth, I was aware that our two in-studio guests had natural chemistry, and it was awkward to leave one sitting silent while I interviewed the other. I think that the broadcast got better as it went along and it became more of a conversation.

The broadcast itself was the easiest part. I liked the idea of having a reporter call in a report from a game in action. We were also going to have a package on a high school game or practice, but we were rained out for three consecutive days.

I’m superstitious about seeing a thing with my own eyes before I write about it, and I was lucky to stumble on a cricket match being played in the rain on an asphalt field the day before the broadcast.

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