Portfolio update: The numbers are in!

During spring break I tried installing Google Analytics to my portfolio, and failing that, I opted for the WordPress stats plug-in. The plug-in was installed on April 28, but I didn’t start promoting my portfolio on Facebook and Twitter until May 3.

After the May 3rd promotion, page views went up to 35 views per day, from the previous day’s views (a whopping 3!). The day after the promotion I had the highest number of page views, at 48. Facebook promotions seem to garner more clicks than Twitter, probably because I have more Facebook friends than Twitter followers.

I haven’t really added any new content to my portfolio since it’s initial launch, which probably accounts for the relatively low number of page views. Prior to promoting my portfolio on Facebook and Twitter, people did check out my portfolio anyway – the day after I installed the plug-in, I clocked in 38 page views despite no promotion whatsoever.

The About, Resume and Contact pages had the most page views … a bit disconcerting that visitors aren’t really interested in seeing the work I’ve done! Having said that, viewers do check out some of my work, and it seems they’re most interested in my interactive and broadcast pieces, and not so much print.

To drive traffic to my portfolio, I do need to have a more palpable online presence – tweet more, post more on Facebook, update my portfolio, and send email updates to people who aren’t on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve started to slowly chip away at this goal. I started a blog on Tumblr, and I created a homepage on About.me. I quite like the concept of About.me because it’s low maintenance. Having a blog, on the other hand, requires slightly more time, which I don’t have in copious amounts. Sadly.

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