Portfolio blog stats

I started inviting people to visit my website in the beginning of April, however I didn’t have the WordPress stats turned on so we cannot see how many people reacted on the news. I turned it on April 29th and announced it again on facebook and I got about 190 hits first day. I think the number could be higher, because some people already visited my website before so they might have not click again. Then I saw a rise in the clicks when I posted videos for “Voices of New York” project that I am taking part in. I also sent an email to everyone on my contact list inviting them to visit my website. The number of clicks started slowing down on May 3rd and then stayed on the same level. I assume that was because I informed that I changed the layout a little bit. The ratings kept going down recently, but I got around 190 views yesterday after I created my about.me page and share it on facebook. The total number of views is 704 for the past two weeks.


As you can see from the referrers list, most of the people visit my website through facebook, however I am positively surprised with 16 people clicking on the link on macmillan.pl website. I have also 24 people that click on the link from the emails that I sent. Macmillan.pl also just sent emails to all the people on their mailing list that includes also link to my website and probably that’s why I got increase in number of people coming here by clicking on the link in the email. And more and more people are coming on my website through about.me.


Among the top pages, 438 people visited my home page for the past two weeks. “Little Poland”, “Voices of New York Project” and About page are among the top three most popular pages. I also found it interesting that 22 people looked at my Resume.


I have just few links on my website and about.me is the most popular. Among the searching words my name is number one.


I also set up my about.me website recently and I am looking forward to see the increase in the traffic on my portfolio website.

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