My Site Analytics

I just installed WordPress stats in the last week so I unfortunately don’t have a great sense of how well my site has been doing. Especially since in the last few weeks, I’ve been a little forgetful about updating my site and sharing links.

But since the first day I installed the stats I’ve gone down in views. The first day, I updated a few stories and put up a video I made for Art House Astoria, the music and art school I work at on the school’s Facebook with a link to my site. Little kids getting dressed up as clowns is very popular apparently.

My top stories were:

1. Resume- 45 views
2. About Me (which is my homepage)- 36 views
3. Portfolio- 21 views
4. Dope Jams Shows Its Skills- 8 views
5. Cupcakes Are So Last Year- 4 views

My TweetStats are a little sad. I definitely have to pick it up. But having my posts automatically link to my Twitter account was a good idea.I just need to take advantage of it. February, the month I launched the site, was the busiest month for my account.

I definitely see a difference from when I was posting my stories to Twitter and Facebook opposed to more recently when I got a little lazy about updating my site.

Though I don’t have exact numbers for it, I definitely think adding a link to my site in the signature of my email was helpful to get my work out there. Last month, two people I interviewed mentioned they had clicked on the link to my site to learn more about me before interviewing with them. I don’t know if that is common, but it doesn’t hurt either way.

I also linked to my resume while I was sending out my internship applications and I think that helped make my resume the number one thing that people went to, even more often then my About Me page, which is my homepage.

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