A Breakdown of My Analytics

To track my portfolio site’s analytics I used the WordPress Stats plug-in tool. Since I launched the site in February, it has had a total of 374 views with average weekly page views of 30. The highest weekly views of 123 took place March 20-26. The lowest weekly views of zero took place during the site’s first week, February 6-12. Below is a snapshot of week-by-week visits:

My top 5 posts and pages of all-time are: Home page (163 views), About Me (52 views), Resume (38 views), Articles (36 views), and Contact Me (22 views). None of these pages were accessed through social network promotion.

My top 5 search terms are: brooks newkirk (2 views), trace chris brown (2 views), vinyl store (2 views), music on vinyl disc photos (2 views), and what happened to jd on power 98 (2 views).

There were no top 5 referrers for my site and only one “click” in the past 30 days to my music, fashion and lifestyle blog, Vivir Fresh.

To track my social media activity, I used TweetStats. Right now my Twitter activity is very low, with an average of 1 tweet per month. My highest tweeting month was November 2010 when I sent three tweets. My lowest tweeting month was December 2010 and January 2011 when I sent zero tweets. Here’s a month-by-month look at my tweets:

Over the past 30 days, and within the last seven days, I tweeted once and re-tweeted once. Here’s a snapshot of tweets from the last month:

From this assignment I learned that I really need to step up my online game to drive more visitors to my portfolio and to increase my social media influence. One way I plan on increasing visits to my site is to post links to new content on Facebook and Twitter. And to enhance my presence on Twitter, I plan on posting or retweeting at least one message each day. From the analytics, I can see that the time of day I’m most likely to tweet is in the evenings, so I’m going to get in the habit of tweeting before I log off my computer at night.

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