Couples Dating Couples: How Double Dating Can Help Your Relationship

Some people spend their lives searching for someone to love. Who would have thought that once that mission is accomplished, you’d have to find two more people to love? A recent Wayne State University study found that couples that integrate other couples into their social lives are more likely to have happy and satisfying romantic relationships.
Dr. Richard Slatcher, the author of the study, said his experiment suggests that the people we surround ourselves with can have a profound impact on our own relationships.

“Spending time with another couple is a novel and exciting thing for relationships,” Slatcher said. “And we know that novel and exciting feelings lead to greater closeness. It can also give you people to share your experiences with when you need support.”

Slatcher added that when couples double date, they “dress up,” literally and figuratively.

“Being with another couple ups your game,” Slatcher said. “You’re on your best behavior, acting in a way that’s maybe it’s a little more similar to the way you acted when you met their relationship partner.”

I sat down with my friends Alex Wickman and Joe Burridge and Nicole Vernese and Kevin Dempter–two couples who were lucky enough to find a perfect match in each other–to find out their secret. In this video, they talk about how they met and how their friendship has impacted their romantic relationships.

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