Jose Bayona’s Portfolio Site

My portfolio site:

I have done some updates to my portfolio site:

  • I changed my main logo located on the top of the page (Custom image banner).
  • I reorganized the top menu (header) and the sections menu.
  • I installed social media plug-ins for sharing content and to follow me.
  • I installed a “protect content” plug-in.
  • I installed the mandatory stats and akismet plug-ins.
  • I consolidated the About Me in English and Spanish pages in one page and moved its location to the top menu.

* I just added a Creative Commons license and a set of eight social media buttons at the bottom of the main template.

At this point my portfolio site is almost what I envisioned when I started. Minor changes have to be done in the future, but overall is ready to receive tons of content.

About Jose Bayona

Journalist based in New York City.
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