Request: Your Twitter ID

We’d like to stream your tweets on the Interactive II blog, using a Twitter feed plug-in. Please share your Twitter ID, if you have one. You can post it in the comments below, or email them to Thanks!

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12 Responses to Request: Your Twitter ID

  1. Jose Bayona says:

    Twitter: @josebayona

  2. Rasmus Raun Westh says:


  3. Paul DeBenedetto says:


  4. kevin sheehan says:


  5. A. Adam Glenn says:

    Thanks folks! I’ve added you all to the Twitter feed that’s now appearing on the right column of the site. Happy to add more as they come along.

  6. Shannon Carlin says:


  7. Ian Chant says:


  8. Debra Pangestu says:


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