How Cricket Explains New York


Like everyone in our group, I was a “jack of all trades” for our Blog Talk Radio panel on How Cricket Explains New York. I made contact with an old professor at Hunter College that taught a class “Sports in the Media.” He told me he was willing to come in, but that he had someone else in mind, Arnold Gibbons, Hunter College professor and retired professional cricket player. I also made contact with the cricket coach from Bronx High School of Science, and was given permission to come in and talk to players and take pictures of practice; however, the weather didn’t allow that to happen.

Pat took on the role on being host and writing the script, but both Felipe and I did our part with editing it. Finally, I took on the role of photographer and took some action shots before and during the production.

Once we got everything going with our guests in studio and the equipment ready, then it was simple. We were well prepared when it came down to questions to ask, and also people to call in to keep the conversation flowing.

My biggest concern was that only having to guests and two callers lined up wasn’t going to fill our 30 minute slot, and that we would have nothing to talk about. I found out that we didn’t have enough time. Because we were so well prepared, and because our guests had so much to say, we could’ve easily filled an hour slot.

I had never done anything like that before and was very skeptical about how good it could actually be. But after doing it, I’ve been reassured that doing live coverage, something like Blog Talk Radio can be a big success with the proper preparation.

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