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I’ve revised several things on my website. I changed the banner, cleaned up the tag cloud, uploaded a new resume, and added more posts. I also some more multimedia to some of the older posts and rewrote the about page. I did come up with a problem over the weekend. My theme seems to have changed its homepage design. Before the homepage had a slideshow with pics and excerpts from the individual posts. Now it shows pics and excerpts from several of the posts at the same time next to each other. Unfortunately, for some reason though on my homepage it shows the same story several times instead of showing the different posts I have made. I tried to make an appointment with Daniel to fix this problem but he said he is too busy, so I put in a help ticket to get oen of the IT people to help me, but I haven’t heard back form them so far. It is really important that I fix the home page to show previews of all the posts because most of the visitors to my site just look at the home page, and sometimes the about or resume page. My individual posts are getting very few views. If I can get them all up on the homepage then that will probably increase traffic to the posts.

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