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I’ve revamped quite a bit on and am thus far, pleased with the template I’ve chosen.  I like that it has a visual element that has a slideshow up top and blog posts that showcase recent posts below.

The only glitch right now is that there is a bug that won’t let me change certain things like the header name, color of links and other elements that help personalize the site.  Daniel is looking into the issue and has offered to update things for me until we can get the template fixed which is why there are some things that may not look how I’d hoped.

Changes I have made: Put in more posts splitting them into pages according to medium (articles & video for example). I’ve posted pictures with each story, included Twitter, blogroll and ‘recent posts’ widgets.


1) Reader Metrics: I have WordPress Stats plug-in monitoring my analytics since 4/9. Peeps at my site are in the 0s since I was still hunting for a template so I didn’t do any pushing of it.  But now that I have a template that I’m happy with for now I posted it on FB and twitter on 5/5 and have since seen a big leap in visits.

Views per week:

Views per days:

Top 5 posts:

1)    “Queloides:” Racism, Cuba and Art: 18
2)    Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself: 17
3)    The Afterbirth Pill: 10
4)    ‘Green Streets’ Salad Bar to Open Soon on Irving: 4
5)    Arancini Bros. Bring a Little Sicily Back: 3

Top 5 pages:
1)    Home page: 115
2)    About: 25
3)    Resume: 24
4)    Articles: 22
5)    Video: 10

Social media promotion gave me a big leap in week 18, when I posted a link to my site on both facebook and twitter.  I did not post to individual pieces because a lot of them have already been seen by friends & family so I wanted to make sure not to repeat myself.

Top 5 search terms:
1)    green streets salads 3
2) 3
3)    the placenta sisters Williamsburg 2
4)    culture reporter 2
5)    keloids show 8th floor gallery 2

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