Site Traffic Analytics

Traffic to my site peaked to almost 90 per week soon after its launch in February but declined to a steady traffic of about 20 visitors per week. There’s a brief decline two weeks ago, most likely because I haven’t posted a new entry in a while. It has since picked up again after I updated my blog.

My all-time top posts are the homepage with 162 views, Fairer, Not More, Funding For Better Education with 50, Loveliest Vision Far: Didit Hediprasetyo with 40, my resume with 36 and my about page with 34. I’m glad that my research enterprise story on education has the most views among my articles, although most of the other top articles are the fashion/lifestyle articles that I wrote for a magazine.

In the recent 30 days, my top referrers are with three views, Google Translate with one and AOL mail with one, which is probably from the signature in my e-mails. My top search terms in the last 30 days are “ismaya group” which is the company that owns the restaurant I reviewed on the site, “yudith ho” which is slightly unnerving, “didit hediprasetyo” who is a fashion designer I profiled and “better not more school funding.”

I only have one click for the last 30 days, which is an outgoing click to an article by The Jakarta Globe from my Delicious feed.

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