Portfolio Update

I did a bit of a re-design on my site following the feedback and such that I got on it when we presented them last time.

First thing I did was drop the widescreen theme, since I didn’t have the pictures/video/etc to support that, and I’d like to present my stories in a more cleaner way.

I ended up switching to Enfolio, and did some color switches/minor changes. I wanted to fool around more in css, but I sort of liked how the presets let me adjust things (maybe when I have more time).

Since I moved to more of a static page design, I’ve streamlined my nav bars, included an about section with a resume dropdown menu, have a work tab that sends you to just my stories, a thoughts page that links to my little mini-blog area, and then the map, the project I’m still conciving in my mind.

In terms of adding social media extension, I’ve included links to my LinkedIn and Twitter feeds as nav buttons up top. I’ve also included a twitter feed on my site, as well as a “things I like” section that includes my delicious links. I’ve already had a YouTube page and a Flickr page set up, so I’ve provided those links more inside the site.

I also created a flavors.me page, where I’ve shared my linkedin, my flickr and my delicious pages, as well as a link to my site and a tiny “bio.” The main thing I’m using this for now is as my listed homepage on my twitter account and any forums I post on, just as a way to connect those people to my work if they’d like to go there. I’ll include more links to other things on my flavors page as I start to gain more traction with it.

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