1.I’ve finally found a wordpress theme that i like and have been working on the layout of my portfolio. My struggle has been that most of the wordpress sites are very photography and multimedia heavy, relying on huge photographs. I’m not a photographer, yet. So it still remains for me find three or four photographs i’ve taken to use as the rotating slideshow that flashes throughout the first page of my portfolio.

I already have a twitter, youtube and flicker account, but have not updated since last fall. Therefore i did not link it to my site. I will link my twitter and flicker once i start to use it.

2.Flash Project: Bronx Pantry Locator
A 2010 Food Hardship Report from the Food Research and Action Center, found that 37 percent of the residents of the 16th Congressional District, which includes Mott Haven, Melrose and Port Morris, had no money for food—giving the district the highest “food hardship” rate in the United Sates.

74% of soup kitchens and food pantries saw an increased number of clients and almost 50% could not meet the demand states A New York City Coalition Against Hunger survey, “Hungry New Yorkers Barely Hang On.”

Below is an online map of food pantries and soup kitchens in Mott Haven, to make it easier for clients to locate emergency food throughout the neighborhood.

Bronx Pantry Locator

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