Syllabus Update: Flash Assignment

The syllabus for Glenn – Mon & Glenn – Thu has been updated with details for the Flash assignment due Week Seven. See the syllabus or below. Questions or comments welcome!

Assignment: Data visualization project – Final. Produce a substantial interactive component in Flash that visually displays data. The project should fulfill the following requirements: 1) Allows user control over navigation of content – at least 3 different content states, 2) Demonstrates intuitive usability/navigation, resourcefulness/thoroughness of data collection, sensitivity/good editorial judgement regarding data selection and analysis, effective/focused visualization, 3) Incorporates essential text elements within interactive, including headline, explanatory text material, etc., 4) Is embedded in a blog post with a text introduction/caption (50-150 words) that sets the context. Blog post should be categorized in the proper class (Glenn-Mon or Glenn-Thu) and tagged “Flash Project.” Deadline: Start of class Week Seven. Be prepared to demo your project in class.

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