Monday Eve Section – Portfolio Assignment Reminder

Folks – Just a reminder that for next Monday you also have this assignment, given last week. You’ll be expected to demo these platform extensions, as well as the feed added to your site, alongside the demo of your Flash project. You may also use the opportunity to share with us any other portfolio updates you’d like to. Good luck!

Assignment #2: Portfolio Update – Social Media Extension. 1) Create two newplatform extensions for your multimedia portfolio using media sharing sites. Examples include image sharing sites like Flickr, video sharing sites like YouTube/Vimeo/Blip.TV/TubeMogul/iTunes, audio sharing site like SoundCloud, microblogging sites like Twitter, social bookmarking sites like Diigo. 2) Implement a  feed from at least one of those  sharing sites onto your portfolio web site (i.e. a Flickr feed). 3) Post a short blog entry outlining those updates. Deadline: Start of class Week Seven. Be prepared to demo in class. Extra Credit: Create a social “splash” page or “business card” site, using online tools like,, or

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