Portfolio Update: Yudith Ho

I have made many changes to my portfolio in response to your helpful comments!

I pasted my resume onto the Resume page so that it is searchable while giving the option for visitors to download my resume in PDF form.

I decided to delete the Unpublished category from my site altogether, since I have brief descriptions of where each of my works were published and/or what class assignment they were for. I thought of making another category named Clips for the ones that have been published, but it might be confusing for viewers since the categories overlap with Writing and Multimedia. I would love to hear your opinions on this!

I changed my Studies category to Blog instead, because I meant for it to be a place where I can post my blog posts related to school and also reporter’s notes. I don’t know if Blog is the right name for it. I was also thinking of using Notes or Memos or Works…

I also made better use of the widget space in my footer by adding a blogroll, which I hope to customize by the end of today.

Last but not least, I need your honest opinion about my welcome message. Good? Bad? Pretentious? Give it to me raw, I can handle it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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