Tip: How to Upload Your Flash Assignment

Hi friends,

Adam tells me to write steps to upload your Flash assignment to the website. Here is the quickguide:

1.    After you finish the flash, export the file (File>Export>Export Movie)

2.    Log in Class website (http://interactive2.journalism.cuny.edu/wp-admin/) using your personal acc, start a new post and use “add media” to upload your flash file. (the file to upload has extension of “.swf”)

3.    In the dialogue box of the upload, you will see the url of the file. Grab it.

4.    Key in the embedded code as followed:

<object width=”600″ height=”440″>

<param name=”movie” value=”filename.swf”>

<embed src=”file url” width=”600″ height=”440″>



It should be okay to publish your Flash assignment now. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for writing up these notes, Tuan!

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