Portfolio Site Stats

And I thought I was popular. Hmpf.

Well, now I know how to make my portfolio site more popular–through greater outreach and constant updates. As you can see, I haven’t done much of either this semester, but it’s not too late. I’ve accumulated lots of clips and have worked on great school projects this spring–I can definitely post my articles and link to my multimedia pieces for viewers to see. I can also tell them to keep returning to the site, especially through both Facebook and Twitter. Maybe as projects come out, I can link to my site through these social media outlets instead of the sites that my work appears on. I think I’ll get great traffic from that. And good comments, too!

Of course, the portfolio site is a work in progress. I’m pretty happy with how it came out this semester. My internship recruiters were impressed by it, which made me feel cool. But when it comes time to job hunt after graduation, I’ll really need to hook the site up with more. I’ll definitely have the time this summer to get this going…when I’m not at the beach.

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