Wrapup of Live Cricket Panel

The Live Cricket Panel was more or less a success. I would say our only major slip-up was not having written our script a day or two earlier so we could have gone over it a few more times. A produced package also may have added to the broadcast, but it rained the weekend before our show so the games we planned on attending were canceled.

Before the event, Pat went out and took pictures, a few of which we put up online. Paul took photos during the broadcast. We had a current and former international cricket player come in to the studio and we had a commentator call in. We were not positive the commentator would call in and had to organize back-ups. Having Chad there to do the technical stuff was a huge help. Communication was good overall.

A cricket commentator linked to the event on the site. According to BlogTalkRadio, we received 20 Facebook Likes and 4 Tweets (#cricketnyc). According to our bit.ly analytics, we had 17 people visit our link (bit.ly/cricketnyc).

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