Cover it Live: Take aways

Here is Frank Kaufman the featured artist at the LIC Art Open.

The cover it live experience was such a great opportunity to use technology to tell stories LIVE! Originally I had my doubts that everything would go smoothly but I was surprised to see how great it turned out. Everyone worked together and I must say we had great producers to guide us and organize all of our material. I was covering the Long Island City Art Open featuring Fran Kaufman, the famous jazz photographer. THere were great visuals and there were so many people who agreed to do interviews. The issue for me was my audio was not working and I did not get the message until after I went live. I thought I had this great video with all my interviews lined up with great piano music in the background but unfortunately all the beautiful noise was muted. I think next time I would use my flip cam and edit a few videos and send in just in case the audio is not working so I have something to work with. I liked the idea of the photo slide shows. I thought Debra’s looked great. Overall I was very pleased with the outcome of the cover it live event. I think for me I will test out the materials more before I go out in the field just to make sure everything is working and make sure I have a plan B just in case something goes wrong. I definitely want to do something like this again, and next time I feel a lot more prepared.

About Erica Robinson

Erica Ashley Robinson received her bachelors of arts in broadcast journalism from Howard University.
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