Bronx Puts Brooklyn on ‘Lock’-down

At intermission, the Bronx Gridlock were eking out a 47-46 lead over the Brooklyn Bombshells. In the first few minutes of the second half, the Bombshells pulled ahead. It looked like the underdog queens of Kings County might overtake the two-time champions from the Bronx.

At the end of the bout, it was hard to believe there was ever a contest.

The Bronx Gridlock beat the Brooklyn Bombshells 126-75 after a second half trouncing that featured an 11-0 jam by bout MVP B. Zerk, which put the Bronx ahead 69-60. They never looked back.

Reigning league MVP Bonnie Thunders scored 54 points over 15 jams, while Beatrix Slaughter contributed an impressive 22 points in 7 jams.

But it was B. Zerk’s 11 point jam that contributed to a 79 point second half and solidified the Bronx victory.

The match almost took a turn for the worse toward the end, as Brooklyn skater Hela Skelter took a hard fall. The medic was called on to the track, but she was uninjured, and was escorted to the Bombshell bench with just a few cringes to show for it.

The late injury took the sales out of an already tired Bombshell team, though, as the Gridlock proceeded to walk away with the victory.

Other notable performances: Papierschnitt scored 27 points on 19 jams for the Bombshells, and Sexy Sladie, who blocked 23 jams, even contributed to Brooklyn’s big first-half rally.

We’ve got video, and tons of images by Alissa Ambrose, at our CoverItLive page. And here’s an additional slideshow Alissa put together.

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