Graham Avenue Fiesta, Live!

The Graham Avenue Fiesta is this Saturday, May 14th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eight bands have signed to perform (starting at 1 p.m.) and more are expected. However, the focus of our coverage is about more than just music. Graham Avenue in Williamsburg is the center of a neighborhood in transition –and we will be covering it live!

When Williamsburg earned its dubious distinction as the neighborhood with the lowest census response rate in the city, NPR blamed the hipsters. Only 31.3 percent people responded by April last year, compared to a citywide average of 62.9 percent. But when other blogs went out to do some good old shoe-leather reporting, they found that the issue isn’t quite so simple.

It may be that these “hipsters” are more committed to the community than NPR thinks. In the past, the Graham Avenue Business Improvement District has paid musicians to perform at the Fiesta, but not this year. The lack of funds has not deterred local bands, who are volunteering their time and talent for the Fiesta.

Below is the latest list of performers that we will be seeing at the Fiesta: Noel, Bachata City, Jomar, Que Swing Urbando, D. Divino, Edwin Vazquez, Marco, and DJ Caper. Handling sounds and coordinates for the bands is Willie from B&B Music.

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