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My portfolio site has gotten 41 visits and 129 page views since I installed Google Analytics on the site. The bounce rate is 34.15 percent, which I guess isn’t all that bad. What you can’t see from the included screen grab, though, is that, on my best day, I received six hits.

I hope to draw more traffic to the site this summer, when I start posting to my blog about my internship in Indonesia, linking the posts/ videos / photos to other social media sites. Right now, the page is little more than a portfolio site, one that receives traffic from people searching the internet for information about “Camden” and “drugs.”

Top five pages:

1) Print

2) The {American} Dream?

3) Baby Boomerangs

4) homepage

5) Online

I tracked my social metrics using Klout to score my Twitter account. Turns out I have a score of 10, which means I have a low level of influence on Twitter. I’m guessing this will also change this summer, when I am Tweeting more often.

Tweetreach shows that I reached zero people with zero Tweets. Not exactly stellar numbers there.

About Jonathan Vit

Jonathan Vit is a graduate student at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism studying international reporting and multimedia storytelling.
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