Live Event: Rally for Rent Reform

Join us on Monday, May 16, at 5:30 pm as we live blog the Real Rent Reform Campaign’s rally to strengthen and renew New York State rent laws, which are set to expire on June 15. The rally will take place outside of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Manhattan office, near 3rd Avenue and 41st Street.

The rally is being led by Tenants and Neighbors, housing advocates and more than 50 organizations to prevent the expiration of the rent laws that were put in place to protect residents from unwarranted rent increases and discriminatory or baseless eviction.

If the laws aren’t renewed, all rent stabilized apartments outside of New York City, as well as those within the city that are regulated by the Emergency Tenant Protection Act of 1974, would most likely be converted to market rate housing when tenants’ leases expire.

We will be covering the event as it happens with videos, photos and live commentary. Come back here on May 16 to participate in our live coverage. Also, tweet any questions or comments to us at #pjprotest.

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