Portfolio Site Stats

I started driving traffic to the site on Monday, May 2, with a Facebook status update and link and tweet announcing it. I accumulated 81 views on the first day.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I didn’t post anything and, consequently, had less views. Tuesday garnered 11 views and Wednesday had 5.

On Thursday, I posted a video I had completed in Craft II-Broadcast. I announced the new item in my status update bar on Facebook and with a tweet. As of 10:25 p.m. Thursday night, I had 15 views.

What helped: Telling people to check out my site. (And they did!) Adding new content helped too.

What hurt: Not adding content for a couple of days and, consequently, not promoting them through social media.

What I learned: After the initial novelty of seeing my site the first day, the effect wore off. I had some more page views after adding the video on Thursday, but the numbers still stayed low.

Also, it can take some time to play around and find what holds your audience’s interest and will get page views.

About Sarah Ewald

Grad student at CUNY J-school. I'm interested in writing, new media and entertainment (among many other things).
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