Portfolio Site Analytics

My portfolio site had 467 total views, 51 on the busiest day. In the chart, it is easy to see that promoting content on twitter, facebook as well as linking to other sites drove traffic.

Top 5:
The home page gets the most views, but the top 3 edit pieces by page view were “Mods vs Rockers – who’s safer?”, “Pizza guy “stab” clip, and “Modern NYC Bikers” Feature. The most viewed interactive was the “Follow a NY Post Stringer map.

I received a few requests through my site’s contact form asking about the “Shooting on the Major Deegan” blog post. It turned out to be a lawyer who was representing the family of the victim.

TweetStats showed that I used my smartphone to post most of the time and that it usually happened around the weekend. This makes sense, as I am concentrating on what my teachers are saying during the week, not messing with my phone.

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