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Top 5 All-Time Posts and Pages

  1. Boys and Girls High School Struggles to Survive (271) — I’m pretty sure the sole reason this is the top page is because an alumni group from the school promoted it heavily on Facebook and especially on Twitter.  I tweeted a link to the story to my followers when it went up, then emailed the head of the alumni group.  Right away she retweeted my link, and also tweeted about the story.  Several other group members tweeted about it or posted a link to it on Facebook as well.
  2. Home page (180)
  3. About (62)
  4. Clips (43)
  5. Resume (43)

Top 5 Search Terms for Most Recent 30 Days

  1. stanley kinard boys and girls high school (2)
  2. boys & girls doe shutdown (2)
  3. www.patrickwallmultimedia.com (2)
  4. patrick wall multimedia (2)
  5. richard green crown heights youth collective (2)

* Bonus funny ones: “pictures of patrick waul jamaican politician,” “ameture biracial models”

Top 5 Referrers for Most Recent 30 Days

  1. Facebook (11)
  2. LinkedIn (1)
  3. Youtube (1)
  4. Yahoo Mail (1)
  5. Ask.com (1)

Top 5 Clicks for Most Recent 30 Days

  1. sandeep.journalism.cuny.edu/2010/12/18/hasidic-jews-deliver-the-good (1)
  2. westsidespirit.com/2010/12/08/religious-education-for-secular-observant-jews (1)
  3. brooklynmovementcenter.org/node/49 (1)
  4. sandeep.journalism.cuny.edu/2010/11/18/nycs-taxis-of-today (1)
  5. ourtownny.com/2011/03/30/a-golden-voice-in-your-golden-years (1)

Social Metrics

Twitter — April

  1. 19 people clicked the links I tweeted (via Owl.ly)
  2. The top link was a NYT story about the minimum wage (9 clicks), followed by my own story about the effects of budget cuts on a welfare program (7 clicks)
  3. More people were referred to the links I tweeted through Facebook than Twitter.  I assume this was because I used HootSuite to simultaneously post some links on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Mostly Americans looked at my links, though an Australian and a Jordanian each gave one a click
  5. I got a (failing) grade of 59 out of 100 (via Twitter Grader)

Twitter — Past Week

  1. Sadly, no one clicked on my links during the past week (via Owl.ly)
  2. I reached 52 people with 2 tweets today (via Tweetreach)
  3. Not unexpectedly, my Impact Score is 0 percent (via Twitalyzer)


  1. The single most effective way to drive traffic to my site — at least that I’ve found so far — has been to reach out to active online social networks.  The one story that I promoted connecting with a group that was very active on Twitter received a disproportionate amount of views.  While reaching out to my own social networks on Facebook and Twitter are important, it seems like it’s most effective to combine that with outreach targeted at groups that have an active online presence and a clear interest in the story.
  2. Another trend that stood out in the data was that Facebook was handily my site’s top referrer.  Most social network is both larger and more active on Facebook than elsewhere, so this trend makes sense.  I plan to keep posting links to my stories on Facebook, and also to increase my engagement with the people in my network, so that I give them a reason to click on the links I post.
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