Video Update: Couples Dating Couples

I made many revisions to my video on double dating.
*I added a voiceover in the beginning to briefly explain the study the video is based on and give the video more context.
*I changed the song for licensing purposes.
*I added in some new B roll to make smoother video transitions
*I took out the “pages” video transitions and replaced with B roll or a cross dissolve
*I added in a couple more pictures as transitions and swapped the picture of the two women for a different one that I thought was a better photo.
*I added interviews with the author of the study to give the video more structure and credibility
*I took out a lot of the beginning of the original video in which the couples described how they met their romantic partners. I summed this information up much more quickly in the new video. I also edited out a few other scenes to make room for the study author interview.
*I moved the picture of the couple Nicole and Kevin at a diner to a different place.

Untitled from tierney mcafee on Vimeo.

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