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I have my WordPress stats installed since the 7th week of 2011 (mid-Feb.). Up to now the peak week is in the 11th week (March 14-20) with 400 views. Other high-trafficked weeks are in the 14th (219 views) and the 8th (185). An interesting trend is that my site attracts larger traffic each time I upload new pictures or multimedia projects. My most-hit week took place as I uploaded my pictures from the Mardi Gras and the Flash project of the Fengshui for the new year. The second largest happens when I uploaded pictures of the Cherry Blossom from Washington DC.

My top hits pages/stories are:

1. Home Page – 822 views
2. About – 99 views
3. Resume- 94 views
4. Fengshui For The Year Of The Rabbit – 65 views
5. Cherry Blossom In DC- 46 views

The fact that I have the link of my portfolio site on Facebook, where I have most of my social media footprints, may explain why it get the largest share of pageviews. My About and Resume pages also have quite a traffic as I have my portfolio site attached to my internship applications.

Five top search terms in the last 30 days:

1. statistics on elder abuse in japan
2. nycha
3. vietnamese crime syndicates
4. vietnamese rihno horn smuggling
5. rhino horn trade syndicate 2011

Five top referrers:

1. WordPress Dashboard

Top five clicks


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