My Site Is Full of S…urprises

The biggest surprise about my stats is that I had over 700 views in February, the month my site launched. Naturally, there was a significant decline since then. Also, just four days into May, I’ve already had 26 views. I have no idea who is looking at my site, but I’m glad they are!

The home page was the most frequented. My new challenge is to get viewers to look at more than the homepage.

For example, yesterday visitors came to my home page ten times and viewed each of my print stories one time each.


Being Searched
I’m also surprised to learn that my site is turning up in searches.
don walden, cnn
charges agains a 15 year old minor for
assaults on women
shooting in lafayette gardens
classon dekalb brooklyn police activity
88th precent washington walk/carlton ave
rivington house
latimer school for high schoolers
bed stuy nova york
woughby subway robbed

Even More Surprises
I was surprised to see that my crime blotter for The Local was the most viewed. It’s the piece that took the least amount of creativity, but it goes to show that people are really interested in crime reporting.

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