Taking it from the Streets

Taking it from the Streets from Zachary Kussin on Vimeo.

Herk is a Skovde, Sweden-based street artist who recently traveled to New York City to paint at 5 Pointz, the iconic outdoor street art gallery located in Long Island City, Queens. He spent his Easter Sunday working on an untitled street art mural and speaking to me about his artistic inspirations and aims. Herk said it was a privilege to leave his mark at 5 Pointz, especially because this exhibition season could be the gallery’s very last. Back in March, the property’s owner announced potential plans to raze the structure and build high-rises and a shopping mall in its place. 5 Pointz artists say they’re angry, but nonetheless must continue their work until they’re no longer allowed–if the gallery is eventually fated come down.

Though the average sales price for condos is currently at its lowest price in a year, the price per square foot for properties in Long Island City is at its highest. If the building’s owner decides to go through with his plan, it’s due to the market potential in this up-and-coming neighborhood.

Pasted below, you’ll find a data visualization that will take you through the past year in Long Island City property pricing.

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