Social Media and Portfolio Site Visits


The biggest way I have promoted my site is through Facebook and Twitter. Every time I add new work, I’ll add a link to my piece so that people can view what I have done. For the most part, this has been the most effective way to showcase my work and draw an audience. I’ll usually use to shorten or personalize my links.

I have noticed a significant impact in the amount of viewers to my site when I use these social media tools. On a normal day when I don’t promote my work or provide direct links, I’ll get around 1-2 viewers, whereas, when I do provide links, I will receive some 10 or more visits. This is clearly seen in the chart, which shows that on April 24, I only had 4 page views and it wasn’t until I posted a direct link on Facebook on April 28th, that my I had 51 page views. The same thing occurred April 19th with 41 page views. Most people spent about 5 minutes on my site and the majority (56%) came in through direct traffic, only 4% visited via a search engine.

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