My Analytics

I tracked my site’s analytics with the WordPress Stats plugin. Since it’s launch in February, it’s gotten 207 hits, with 33 coming on the busiest day, February 12. Ironically, that was the day it was launched and a link was put on Facebook.

Here is a table showing the day to day hit traffic:

The week-by-week hit traffic:

The month-by-month traffic:

Here is a look at my most read posts:

Overall, this proves that a site cannot thrive without some kind of social media integration. Despite the fact that I have Facebook, Sound Cloud, Flickr, Blogtalk Radio and Youtube accounts present on the site and an active Twitter account with a current Klout of 44, I never once promoted the site. Simply put, links to these accounts are not enough to induce hits. Had a promoted a tiny bit, I believe the hit difference could have been substantial.

Here is a link to my tweet activity courtesy of Tweet-Stats:

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