The Shadow Box Theater is a Bright Spot in the City

The Shadow Box Theater has entertained New York City school children for over 40 years. The handmade puppets, original songs and interactive plays have endured in a time when children of the digital age are bombarded with high tech offerings to occupy their time.

But the most resilient and steadfast character of The Shadow Box Theater is not in any of their twenty resident and traveling plays. The cornerstone of this children’s puppet theater is founder and director Sandra Robbins. The former teacher and dancer dedicated her life to the upkeep of the theater group. At nearly 80-years-old, she continues to direct, dance, sing and educate grade school children about art, peace and tolerance. Robbins wrote every song and line to all 20 plays in the theater’s repertoire, all of which have a moral lesson that the children can take with them.

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