With Audio Slideshows, Less is More

Here’s an example of an effective audio slideshow we watched today in John Smock’s class:

Waiting for Death from the Los Angeles Times

Pay attention to the script–with audio slideshows, a lot of the time it’s more powerful to pick out single sentences or phrases and give them breathing room than it is to include whole thoughts or paragraphs. The script for a 2-minute audio slideshow might be less than one page, double-spaced. And remember you don’t have to use those sentences in the order they were recorded.

Also watch how what the man is saying gives each photo new meaning–when you see detail shots of his empty house, his unplugged appliances and his clocks, you see them differently than if you hadn’t just heard him talk about how he’s waiting for death.

One more audio slideshow trick this piece employs: use sound before you hear a voice. Notice how this one starts with the man’s belabored breathing.



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