Manuals! Manuals. MANUALS!

Marantz 620: Handbook, menu options, audio manual (Mic types, p. 5; Field recording, p. 8-10; Switch, p. 46).

Marantz 660: User Guide Portable Solid State Recorder (manual) Marantz PMD 660 Tutorial (video).

Sony PD170: Sony Manuals (select DSR-PD170 from the drop-down menu), Sony PD-170 (video), Backlight and Spotlight Control (PD170), Troubleshooting guide to the PD170.

Canon EOS Rebel XSi: EOSRXSi-EOS450D_EN.pdf (manual), Canon Rebel (video).

Canon EOS Rebel XTi: EOSDRXTi400DIM-EN.pdf

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  1. Hey Samantha, the Canon EOS Rebel documentation links don’t work. You linked to a snippet of Javascript the website you’re referring to uses to make the documentation available. I’d recommend downloading the PDFs, uploading, and linking to them directly.

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