Stepfamily Tree: A Portrait of American Stepfamilies (Revised)

I made several revisions to my flash project. On the first page, I moved the text around and changed the font colors–I think it looks a bit cleaner now. I also added some information about how and why families have changed over the past 50 years. I unbolded the number of people surveyed, based on notes from my presentation. On the second page, I added some text that instructs viewers to rollover the leaves to see more info. I also added categories in the form of branches for each different group (age, race, sex, education). I changed the positioning of some of the leaves to make the categories look a little more separate. I also added a button that will take viewers back to the homepage. My first draft had two options-rollover and click–I got rid of the click and added that information to the rollover option. Tada!

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