Food Stamps: Do You Qualify? (Revised)

In today’s economy, one in every six Americans struggles with poverty. In Sunnyside and Woodside, the number of people on food stamps – or food cards as they are known now- has nearly doubled since the current recession began – from 7,338 in 2007 to 14,653 in 2010.

Local advocates say the number should be higher. They say many needy people all over the city are uninformed or misinformed about eligibility requirements and application procedures, or are simply ashamed.

Advocates also say the profile of a food card recipient has significantly changed over the last year.

It’s not only struggling immigrants or the homeless any more. Many people who once earned $50,000 a year are now on unemployment, struggling to make ends meet.

For those who feel they may qualify, but are not sure, check out the checkpoints below.

Food Stamps_Carlin revised

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