Fall of the Pharaoh – Selected Tweets from Pivotal Moments in Hosni Mubarak’s Decline from Power

On January 25, 2011, Egypt changed forever. Egyptians took to the streets in unprecedented numbers to demand the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak who had ruled the country for the previous 30 years.

Over the course of 18 days, the people succeeded in removing Mubarak from power in what is now known as the Egyptian Revolution. Social media played a significant role in the revolution, both in pre-January 25th organization and mobilization and in facilitating communication and reporting during the following weeks.

The graphic below shows top Tweet results, as returned by Google Realtime, using the hashtag #Jan25 at 12:01 am, 6 am, noon, 6 pm and 11:59 pm on the selected days. You can navigate through the timeline by clicking on the dates and then click on individual tweets to link to the tweep’s live stream or the see more tweets button to see a more comprehensive list of tweets from that day.

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