Charter vs. Traditional: Comparing Bed-Stuy’s Public Schools

They’re super schools sent to save America’s neediest children. Or they’re corporate creations meant to privatize America’s public school system. Whatever else they are, charter schools are controversial.

Last month, a panel full of mayoral appointees voted to close 22 city schools. As it has in the past, the city will likely replace several of the shuttered traditional schools with charters. The Department of Education already offers around 100 charters — publicly funded, independently run schools open to all students through a lottery system. 

To some, charter schools mean more options for families and greater flexibility for school leaders.  To others, charters represent less focus on improving traditional schools and wide variations in quality among individual charters.  Each argument has some truth to it.

As charters continue to spring up around the city, parents will want to weigh them against other city schools. The infographic below sets the politics of charters aside, letting you compare them with traditional public schools based solely on the numbers.  Click on the graphic below to get started.

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