Fengshui For The Year Of The Rabbit

The year of the Rabbit started in February for most Asians. By nature, the rabbit is sweet and cuddly but not easy to catch. From Fengshui perspective, it means more momentum, more vibrancy but also more inconsistency. Your business may take two steps forward then one step backward while your love life may see some ups and downs.

In the Asian zodiac, the Rabbit is a wood element. The combination traditionally promises to bring some more peace, calm and tranquility. This year, it so happens that the Rabbit is aligned with the metal cycle. Thus, even though there will be growth, wood will be chopped by metal, meaning, growth will be restrained and limited.

Fengshui Master Pun Yin, who helped billionaire Donald Trump build his Trump International Hotel at Columbus Circle in the 1990s, believes this year is a “jumpy” hard one. “The rabbit has tendency to jump, and is very unpredictable,” she said. The following graphic describes some basic prospects of the twelve zodiacs this year, according to her.

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